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Chisum Log Homes & Lumber Ltd. is a family based business incorporated January 1990 in Northern Saskatchewan.

When people think of log homes they picture a quaint little log cabin set back in the woods or nestled by the shore. Chisum Log Homes are far from being simple cottages. Presently we offer 24 different designs in cottages and homes as large as 2104 square feet. There is no limit to the size and design you can employ in constructing your own Chisum Log Home.

Whether you are planning a secluded get-away-from-it-all cabin or a luxury home in the city, Chisum Log Homes has a plan for you. Walls can be built without framing devices, required by other log products. Close tolerance saddle notching in the “Chisum System”, combined with the double tongue and grooving, and sealed with a row of butyl tape in each groove that holds every log in place. Every layer of log is secured to the log below by a 12" lag bolt fitted with 2 flat washers and a compression spring. Unlike other types of fasteners our type of fasteners provide individual control to each log and allows necessary movement of the logs as the humidity dictates. Semiskilled labor can replace many construction steps simultaneously, there-by lowering the cost.

Five stages of construction are eliminated when laying up log walls – framing, sheathing, insulating, exterior siding and dry walling. Homeowners can more easily construct segments of their own log home if desired.

Your Chisum Log home or cabin may have to be restained every five to ten years, particularly where dust and grit erode the initial staining but the home should stand for years and years.

Chisum mill and related equipment, facilities, as well as wood allocations both hardwood and softwood is currently being made available for sale. Pick up and move or operate on existing site. Serious inquires only.

The mill facilities here use to be a Government operations and Chisum log pkgs. have been produced from this mill yard for the past 2 1/2 decades. We have had many repeat customers through the years purchasing additional log pkgs. to expand their present operations. Some of these repeat customers are as follows:

Wollaston Lake Lodge
Echo Bay Lodge
Arrow Lake Ranch

The "Chisum System" has been available from this facility in Weyakwin for over 30 years. We at Chisum Log Homes have been providing log homes to customers for the last 19 years. We have now expanded our services to offer to you RTM's, Turn Key and Lock-Up Log Homes. These homes are build to suit your needs. Whether it's a Chateau, Ranchstyle or even a cabin for the lake we can build it to your specifications.

If you've ever thought about designing your own home but never had the time to build your own, Chisum Log Homes will build it for you. Conventional or Log style let our experience provide you with a beautiful home ready to move in and occupy. Just turn the key and settle in.

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Chism Log Homes & Lumber Ltd.

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